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    my pictures blur when i adjust sliders in the Develop module


      I recently moved my copy of LR 5 and my catalog to my newer (<1yr) Macbook Pro.  The system is using the Yosemite OS with 8 GB of RAM. I have my catalog on my computer's hard drive and the pictures on a new SSD using a Firewire connection. (I have also tried USB 3.0, but no difference)


      Overall, performance in LR is quite fast, but when adjust the sliders in the Develop module, the picture blurs while the action is being done.  This makes editing very difficult.


      I have seen a few posts about this issue, but no real answers that solve or determine the actual root cause.


      Does anyone no of a fix to this issue?  If this is LR's performance on Mac, I will be switching products.