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    EPUP export html files instead of xhtml


      When I export my ePub book and crack it open the markup files are in xhtml.  Whereas all the free books that I've downloaded on gutenberg.org have had html files inside them.   Is there an option in InDesign to export the files as html?  In case you were wondering why I have written some JavaScript do do some ePub parsing and the javascript evaluate function works differently with xhtml. 

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          Yves Apel - IC Level 2

          You can't change the ePub included file format in InDesign. In ePub html, xhtml and xml is allowed, thats why different ePubs from different vendors can also have different file extensions. You might change your javascript to support html files, or you rename the files within the ePub. In second case, don't forget to adapt the opf, toc and linking within the xhtml files.