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    Enable user to add an extra text field


      I am creating teacher unit curriculum building plans, where many lessons make up a unit.  Some teachers may have 5 lessons in unit, while other teachers may have 10 lessons in a unit.  How can I have a form for a unit with 5 lesson templates to fill in by default, but have a button (or some function) that will allow the user to add additional lesson templates if they have more than 5?  A way to duplicate a page and add it to the form, as a user with reader?

      I was experimenting with using buttons to hide all the extra lesson templates if they aren't going to use them, but then there are still a bunch of "empty" pages on the form if they were to do this (say, if I were to put 12 fillable lesson templates in the Unit Plan form, but they only have 7 lessons....they's be "hiding" 5 other lesson plan templates and leaving a bunch of blank/extra space on the form).


      Thank you in advance!