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    Illustrator to Photoshop questioning! Help?

    Vectorguy87 Level 1

      So I was doing a few guild logo's for some people in archeage. Anyway I wanted the image on one of the logos to have the botom of it go gradient. So from black to transparent. When I do this though. The background in illustrator is white. I save it as a Jpeg and plop it in Photoshop due to the image looking better and reading better as a jpeg than a AI file. If its jpeg the image doesn't have a weird white line background. Anyway as a jpeg I use the wand tool and delete the white. But the gradient goes from black to white not black to transparent. Can anybody help?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          JPEG doesn't support transparency. You can do this all day and run in circles. You need to use a format that supports transparency like PSD or TIFF. It also seems you do not understand transparency in AI - the "white" is your artboard, but it registers as non-printing/ transparent, again under the condition that you choose a suitable export format. If you understand those fundamentals, you can easily create your gradient, regardless which of the two programs you actually use.