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    lightroom mobile v1.2.1 constant crashing


      I have lightroom mobile, latest version, on an iPad 3 running latest IOS 8. the app worked ok, even the latest build it didn't seem to have any problems, although it was sometimes (most times actually) painfully slow to update the collections. However, since i have started a subscription to the creative cloud service the app is constantly crashing. I can wait 5 seconds, see the collections, and that they are in a state of 'pending' but then it crashes. This happens time and time again. I have also done a soft reset of the iPad but the same thing with Lightroom Mobile still occurs.


      Anyway, I'm not sure what can be done to resolve this issue. I can't very well unsubscribe from the cc subscription now (or can I!) But as a travelling photog i rely on the iPad to do some basic editing tasks when I'm travelling between places.


      Just thought i would throw my frustration out into the web.... you never know, someone, somewhere high up will take notice and say hey, we should put some effort and resources into fixing this for our customers!