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    How to paste a pdf into a word document?


      how do I paste a pdf (48 pages) in my word document in full? I only get one page - but my co-students managed to paste the whole thing in to their assessement?


      My goal is to make the pdf a part of my schoolproject, and then deliver the whole paper as a pdf to the teacher - and I cant seem to make it?

      I use a mac but I have the same lousy result when I try it on a pc..



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          florencejohn Level 1

          Hi lisaepp,


          It can be done through Adobe Acrobat.

          KIndly refer this link for free trial of Acrobat: Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat XI Professional




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            lisaepp Level 1

            Thank you,


            But I have tried every possible way - I downloaded the free trial Xl version - but I still only get 1 page pasted into my wordprogram. I marked all pages, tried to paste - but then it was converted. I tried to import it as an object in my document - but pdf was not an option. I had to convert to either word or excelfile. I even tried to drag it over in finder - but only got the link... Seems like all explanations thinks everybody wants to convert and edit pdfs in Word...


            Anyway - I ended up printing the whole thing, and then the word document - piled it orderly the old fashioned way and scanned it (62 pages!). Removed the pagenumbers and got one pdf out of the scan. (And, no - it is not easy to scan 62 pages in one go without my homeversion of a hp messing it up.. Had to do it 3 times..... )