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    Problems on viewing OEM with video on the Adobe viewer APP on ipad air 8.1 with EDGE ANIMATE CC 2014.1

    criseclipse65 Level 1

      hi everyone


      i had this problems and i don't know if is for my fault or is something related to a bug


      i made an animation with a video ( i try it before just with an mp4, but later i add also the OGV in the same Group ) and one object , if you click on the object you launch a website link on a different windows and the video and the stage are in PAUSE, if you click again the video the video START.


      it's very simple and on the web preview ( and on the export for WEB package )  all works properly, but if i want to view by the Adobe content viewer APP on my connected ipad ( via indesign ) i'm not able to see the video i just see the poster image and the object ( with the working link, that launch a new tab in the APP),  but NOT the video in background!


      INDESIGN procedure

      In indesign i add the OEM on my page and launch via the folio overlay the preview on my connected ipad


      is not the first time i work with animation on DPS APP, and everytime all works good


      after quite a whole day on try different solutions but with the same result i hope in this forum to find help on solve this problem, from more experienced people than i


      thanks in advance