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    Lightroom Tint


      I appear to be having an issue with Lightroom Tint, I am a canon user and regularly finding my pictures being a touch on the green side due to a Tint that i'm guessing adobe is adding under the white balance section. This number that is applied seems to be completely random and affecting the consistency of my picture colours. Anyone having a similar experience or can explain this? In 95% of situations reverting the number back to 0 makes the image correct therefore fully disabling this would be of preference.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Open a newly imported image in the develop module, one that you haven't done any work on. Set the white balance where it needs to be, and then save new camera defaults. Those will be the default settings will be applied when new images are imported. And, those settings will be applied if you click on the reset button.