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    cfcache - timespan being ignored?


      I've having some problems with the cfcache tag, using Coldfusion MX 6.

      My code looks like this:

      <cfcache action="cache" timespan="#CreateTimeSpan(0,0,10,0)#">

      <cfset timeNow = now()>
      Time generated: <cfoutput>#DateFormat(timeNow, 'dd/mm/yyyy')# #TimeFormat(timeNow, 'hh:mm:ss')#</cfoutput>


      If I understand the doco correctly, this should cache the page for 10 minutes.

      However, if I view the source page the "time generated" that I have output in the comment is currently 40 minutes old - indicating to me that the cache hasn't been "flushed" after the 10 mins as expected.

      I'm not sure where the problem could be. Is my code correct? Or is there some server configuration I need to check?