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    FlashPlayer downloading problem


      I have tried three times to update my Flashplayer, but each time I try downloading I only get through the first two steps. The third step presents me with an opportunity to also install another program, relating to Photoshop and one other program, at a cost of $9.99 per month, which I do not need and want to decline. But there is no "No thank you" or other decline button. And try as I have (three times), there is no concluding page that confirms the download was (or was not) successful.

      My Macbook Pro has OS 10.6.8 and the browser I use most is Safari 5.1.10. I also have Firefox and Google Chrome.

      I just checked my Mac and am told by it that all my software is up-to-date.

      Yet when I try to view a YouTube file, and other files requiring FlashPlayer, I keep getting advised I need to update FP.

      How do I decline the Photoshop/etc.offer and pass ahead onto Step 3, Download?

      Many thanks.