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    You want me to do what?


      When I logged in today, all I wanted to do is update my flash player to the latest version for IE 11, OS Win 8.1--i.e. 15.

      1)  I thought updates were automatic. Apparently, they are not--Why?

      2)  My current version is 14 according to your "check version" link.

      3)  So I tried downloading to the latest version for IE 11 and got a message to the effect that:  "only one stand-alone installer allowed".  So I checked, found I had two,    eliminated the second, and tried again. Message on download retry: "only one stand-alone installer allowed".

      4)  I came to the forum for help and got to the step where I have to close Internet Explorer. Not just close down the window on my desktop, but go to Task Manager and find every place where IE might conceivably be lurking and shut them all down. What?? This is unbelievable. One of us has lost their mind, and if it's not me, it will be if I have to spend god knows how many hours trying to shut down IE--which, incidentally, I need to get to the Adobe site so I can download the latest Flash Player.

      5)  Someone please tell me what to do, because I would really like to upgrade from my current version 14 to version 15 as painlessly as possible.

      6)  BTW: Your popup wants me to share my post, and I would be happy to, but the options it gives me are "skip" or "don't show this again"--no "OK". So...


      Will someone please help me get my version upgraded ASAP cause I'm having other problems with my computer and really don't want this one.

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          pwillener Level 8

          Flash Player is bundled with IE on Windows 8.x by Microsoft.  To update the IE Flash Player you need to run Windows Update.

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            categ Level 1

            Pat:  Thanks for the guidance--I'm sure I knew that at some point, but after a week of trying to get Windows Update to install the latest for IE and Flash Player, I'm a bit loopy. If you--or all of you--were offended by my post, you have my humble apology. It was not intended to offend, just in a wacky state of mind. (But I do sometimes wish everyone, everywhere, would check their sense of humor now and then--it's my lifesaver.)


            Anyway.. As said, the problem is that I can't get WU to install your IE and FPlayer updates. The internal troubleshooter tells me it has fixed all problems, but obviously it has not. If you have any guidance for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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              pwillener Level 8

              Not offended at all; I am always grateful when people post as much information as possible.


              Good luck with the WU!

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                You'll need to contact Microsoft for support with the Windows Update issue.  We have zero control over that process.