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    dng files


      I just updated ps and I can't open previously saved dng files. I haven't lost all my images, have I? any thoughts on how to get them to open. thanks

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          hhelmbold Level 1

          I have the same issue and the fact that there is no response here tells me that Adobe is going to leave this issue unresolved. I could open my DNG files ONCE. After editing and cropping the DNG file in Photoshop RAW, I clicked the "Done" button. After that the DNG file is useless and I cannot open it anymore. Suddenly Photoshop doesn't recognize the file format!?!

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            Benjamin Root Level 6

            FYI, this is a user forum. There are a few Adobe employees on here, but mostly just fellow users volunteering.


            Could both of you post your system information, OS version, Photoshop version, Camera Raw version, and any associated error messages? Also, did this happen after an update, etc? We will need this information to assist you..




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              hhelmbold Level 1



              I fully understand this is a user forum, but Adobe lists it as part of their "Support" hoping that fellow users will solve their issues. My emails comes across very sarcastic and I apologise for this, but I have had just about enough of Adobe as they have made me lose thousands of $$$ because of issues on their side and this DNG issue is just the final straw.


              I cannot say for sure that this is because of the latest camera RAW update, but I can confirm this issue is happening on Windows and on Mac. I managed to get hold of Adobe chat and they replicated the problem on their side too.


              As soon as Photoshop RAW made changes to the DNG file like cropping, exposure or whatever and you press the "Done" button, it renders the .DNG file useless and it cannot be opened again. The DNG file comes from a Parrot Bebop Drone - but the file is not the issue as it can be opened normally once captured. It only becomes useless after Photoshop gets hold of it.

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                Benjamin Root Level 6

                Have you tried a previous version of ACR?




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                  hhelmbold Level 1

                  I Have thought about it but all of my installations of PS have already been upgraded to the latest versions and I am not sure how to downgrade.


                  I will do some tests tomorrow using Lightroom and see where that leaves me.