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    External hard drive for source files

    shooternz Level 6

      Windows 7. PPRO CC 2014x


      I wish to set up an external hard drive(s) for source files so that I can edit from my laptop on location for a specific project (ie  I cant use my desktop)


      What is the better solution?


      * USB 3 to SSD

      * USB 3 to 7200rpm Hdd


      Can I use two external USB 3 drives?


      Can I name the external Drive(s)  so that I dont have file linking issues?  ie will the volume name remain the same every time I reconnect to it?


      * I am asking here first because I have to buy the appropriate drives before I can test anything.



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          USB3 to SSD is the faster solution. Set both computers to use the same volume drive letter on the USB3 port, for example letter P for portable in disk management. For a second USB3 port you can use a different volume drive letter.


          Simple steps:

          1. Format the drive and give it a volume name.
          2. In disk management assign a drive letter, for instance P.
          3. Attach the drive to the other computer and repeat step 2 here.


          The volume name remains unchanged and the drive letter remains the same on both computers.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Thank you for all that.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



              I am using a notebook right now that has USB3 interfaces.  I have all my source and project files on USB3 Flash memory drives.  Now not all drives have great read performance but after looking at (I think it was on Tom's Hardware) and then evaluating several I found that the PNY 128 GB Turbo drive at only $50 US was ideal.  I believe they now have a newer one to replace that model but have not tested it to verify performance.  At a read rate of  >180 MB/sec it is faster than most hard drives with no fall off as the device fills up.

              I have fallen so much in love with this method of editing (laptop in the family room in front of the TV) that I now have 7 of these laying around with several projects, a couple are three AVCHD camera shoots.   Now I have installed in this laptop a SSD for the OS/Application (C:) drive and the it has a second internal SSD drive, 24 GB of RAM and it is a quad-core hyperthreaded CPU @ 2.4 GHz.  Of course the only way to edit on a laptop is to have it AC powered.  I later take the finished edit on the USB3 drive to my editing suite for exporting and/or BR/DVD burning.

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                shooternz Level 6

                What I have done is purchase a Welland 'Turbo Leopard' 2 Bay Hard Drive Dock (USB 3).


                I am hoping that this will give me 3 viable drives on my laptop and that the USB 3 will be able to manage the streams. (single cable)


                Application on C:/


                Project/ Audio/ Graphics on P;/


                Source Footage on Q:/


                Will use a combination of Hdds and SSds. (flexibility)


                I have just tested a Premiere Test project with the source drive (P;/) only in the Dock.  Works great.


                Thanx for advice

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Thanx Bill.


                  Very interesting.


                  I have never had need to edit on a laptop before  but I have a  15 day shoot ( 10 TVCs) up in the Pacific   (on an island) and I need to get a couple of edits done as we shoot.


                  Been fun setting up the laptop for the task.


                  Something worth adding.


                  Again I have had an easy and successful install of Adobe products. Went without a hitch and so far so good. No glitches or hiccups.


                  3 year old PC Laptop is running AVCHD and Prores like a dream.


                  Next task for is monitoring.  Dont think I will cope with the laptop screen for application GUI...for too long!


                  Task after that is to synch my settings between desktop and laptop.


                  Something I wont be doing is updating the OS!!!