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    My serial number does not work at all. Help?

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      I purchased photoshop in early 2013. i recently took my computer to apple to be repaired and when i got it back i only had a 30 day trial of photoshop, at the time i needed to use it urgently so i did the trial. Now it will not let me open photoshop as the 30 day trial has finished. I have found my serial number and it still wont let me open photoshop, i have spoken to you the customer support team about 5 times and every time i am overwhelmed by how unhelpful they are. I have tried several times to re-download photoshop and it does not work.


      Can anyone help?

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          I'm not hopeful we can help, but...


          What version of Photoshop is the license for?

          What version of Photoshop did you download/is the trial?

          What exactly did tech support say about the serial number?

          Did you buy direct from Adobe?

          What happens when you try to use the serial?

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            Thanks for your reply.


            It is CS6 extended which is what I have tried to download. Tech support have been really unhelpful and they just seem to be recycling the same answers or they just keep transferring me on once they realise that re-downloading doesn't work. The most help I have gotten is from contacting them via the Photoshop facebook page.


            I bought directly from Adobe. When I try to use the serial it says that the serial number cannot be validated and I should contact customer support, I have been trying to contact customer support and they really cannot help me, I don't know what to do and they seem to show little regard for this problem.


            I have also tried creating a new user account as suggested by a Photoshop representative and this has not worked either, however Photoshop customer support insist my serial number is valid.


            If you know what might help it would be greatly appreciated.


            Kind Regards,