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    Help with FLVPlayback Component in Air for Android


      Greetings all,


      I am currently working on a project for an Android tablet wherein I need to play an FLV video on a specific frame.


      To do this for a standard PC/Mac packadge I would normally use the FLVPlayback component to load the FLV video externally, i've done this a few times before with no real problems.


      But I cannot seem to get this to work for the Android tablet I am working on.


      I publish the .apk file and have got the player .sfw and the FLV video file set to be included in it, but I cannot seem to load the video into Playback component.


      Once the app is installed on the tablet, the player bar shows up but no content is ever displayed.


      I reckon it must be something to do with the source path that I have got set up for the playback component, but once the .apk is installed I don't actually know where the FLV video ends up or what the relative path for it will be :S


      Has anybody managed to get the FLVPlayback component to work on an android tablet?


      Hopefully somebody can help!


      Thanks in advance.