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    AdvancedDataGridBaseEx.as#findNextItemRenderer(shiftKey:Boolean) Question/Issue about itemRenderer

    Michael-L Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a question about the itemRenderer variable in the AdvancedDataGridBaseEx.as#findNextItemRenderer(shiftKey:Boolean) function.

      My Flex version is 4.1.


      When creating the AdvancedDataGridEvent object, why its itemRenderer is not set with the calculated one ?

          if (!itemEditorInstance || endEdit(reason))


              // send event to create the new one

              var advancedDataGridEvent:AdvancedDataGridEvent =

              new AdvancedDataGridEvent(AdvancedDataGridEvent.ITEM_EDIT_BEGINNING, false, true);

              // ITEM_EDIT events are cancelable

              advancedDataGridEvent.columnIndex = colIndex;

              advancedDataGridEvent.dataField = _columns[colIndex].dataField;

              advancedDataGridEvent.rowIndex = index;

              advancedDataGridEvent.itemRenderer = itemRenderer;  // like this ?




      Best regards,