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    Hard drive showing as RAW.

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      I have 2x 3tb HDD's in RAID 0 connected to the onboard Marvell controller of my P9X79E-WS board. Recently I've been getting bluescreened so I ran some tests as suggested on the MS forum and I'm not sure when this occurred, either after a BIOS update or after running the Driver verifier (Driver Verifier-- tracking down a mis-behaving driver. - Microsoft Community) but now my RAID 0 shows up as RAW.


      Help please.

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          Wait I found the problem...but still need a solution. I bought a GTX 780ti which had a strict notice to update the bios.


          So I updated my bios from v1306 to v1506... and then this happened. Upon updating the BIOS, apparently it also resets, which also means the RAID resets, so if anyone can advise me how to get this working again, it would be great!