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    Why is importing image sequences so tedious and taking such a long time?

    brandspanking Level 1

      Dear Adobe friends,


      Requests for solutions or insight to importing image sequences:

      1. The possibility to see image sequences as single files (like image_#####.jpg 0-100) when importing would be great. (Immigration saved my life here but no real progress on the adobe side right?)
      2. When importing multiple sequences something is taking a really long time relative to "other" programs, why is this?
      3. Importing multiple Camera RAW sequences brings up this popup screen EVERY time, is there a way to have it remember the settings for all to be imported sequences? Or even have it turned off and just import as shot?


      These issues have been nagging me ever since i started working in After Effects, can anyone shed some light on this? Perhaps some Adobe programmer explaining why all of the above problems still exist?