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    Hans-Åke Lerin

      Why must it be so very difficult with all those installations of softwares? Some clever technicians should look at this. Ok it is certainly so that we customers are doing something wrong. But let us know that when we do an installation. And tell us exactly what to do instead of OOPS A TECHNICAL ERROR OCCURRED.

      I try to install Flash Player on my new mac book pro that has OS X 10.9 installed. The whole setup works perfectly. But when I try to play music on for example Google Play nothing happen. You get this stupid message OOPS A TECHNICAL ERROR OCCURRED Yes, I understand that too. BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS  WRONG! I do the same setup in my iMac with OS X 10.8. The installation is carried out in the same unproblematic way. Additionally, Flash Player works perfectly in Google Play music.

      My question is: What am I doing wrong with my attempt to install the Flash Player in OS X 10.9.

      Unfortunately, it's often the case that when these eternal updates such as OS X is done, not all programs or devices connected to the computer compatible with the new software. My large format printer stops almost always operate at an update of a new operating system. Because the new operating system is not compatible with my printer and you had to wait for a new update for your printer.

      I look forward to an "one click" installation.


      Mr Lerin