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    Photoshop not allowing "Save for Web" and Dreamweaver ALWAYS asking for me to "sign in"

    Showoff1973 Level 1

      Okay, I've used both programs for a while and never had a lot of noticeable issues. I bought PSCC and DWCC last month and downloaded both programs. I can use DW with relatively few issues (I just needed to get used to the new interface), but it keeps asking me to sign in every time I use it. Is this something normal? The CC panel on my computer says it didn't install completely, so would this be the issue...and how do I solve it?


      For PSCC, I used it for a month without any issues. One of the things I do is edit photos for a charity group and the requirement is that I "save for web" when I'm done adjusting a picture. However, starting last week that feature is suddenly not accessible in the menu. I really need to get that back so I can keep doing my work for that group, but I can't figure out how to do it.


      Any help is most appreciated. Thanks!