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    What hardware should I upgrade?

    billysurfmartin Level 1

      Hi.  I'm looking for a solution to speed up Premiere Pro.  Before the latest update to 8.1.0 it was usable (at 1/4 playback resolution).  Not fast, but usable.  With the new update it is very sluggish, very slow to respond while editing, playback (at 1/4) is so jerky I can't see the edits I've made.  All this with simple .mov files., normal transitions, fades etc.  No plug ins etc.


      My question is, what hardware do I need to upgrade in order to have this work smoothly.  I'd like playback to be at full and editing to be responsive.  Obviously buying a 3000+ system with the fastest everything would do the trick, but are there any components that would work with the system I currently have?  Should I upgrade my video card?  More RAM?  Motherboard, CPU?


      My current system:


      Windows 7 Professional (64)

      Service Pack 1

      i7 860@2.80, 2.80

      16G RAM

      GeForce GTX 660 Ti, Driver 344.11 (latest)

      Dual monitors LG ULTRAWIDE IPS LED and ViewSonic VA2037

      SSD Drive


      In preferences, 11G available for Premiere, 5 for other applications


      I have turned off all Windows visual effect features



      Thanks for your time and weighing in!!