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    Button with JavaScript Action crashes Acrobat




      I work for a company using multiple versions of Acrobat Standard and Pro, ranging from 9-11.  We sell a software that organizes construction documents.  This software is written in .aspx code and pulls from a Microsoft Access database that lives on a server, files (mostly PDFs) in a windows folder structure, linked to from Access.  We "hotlink" a lot of these documents together using buttons within pdf's.  We create a button, add a Mouse Up --> Run a JavaScript action pointing to the web URL of the destination we would like this link to access.  For example, if we want to access a page created from our .aspx code, from within a pdf, in the edit JavaScripts menu we add "app.launchURL("../../../../documents_details.asp?BLDG=SOWP&Div=26&DivName=Electrical&Sec =265100&SecName=Interior%20Lighting&Page=Fixtures&Tag=C1", true);".  The series of /../.. are the number of layers deep in the folder structure between the pdf the link exists on and the folder the code page lives in.  So in this case, the pdf is 4 subfolders from the folder the code page lives in.


      So that is the background of what we do.  My issue is that in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and X Pro, whenever I try to create a button, or paste in a button from a previous document, adobe hangs and eventually crashes.  I am not able whatsoever to create, edit, or move buttons.  We have been creating these fine since acrobat 7 without issues until the newer versions.  With Acrobat Pro 9, creating and pasting buttons works for the most part.  After moving a button from one part of the pdf to another, it will hang for 10 seconds before freeing up and allowing me to work again.  Sometimes it will hang indefinitely and I will have to restart Acrobat.


      Can anyone help with these issues?  We are mostly using corporate imaged Windows 7 Professional, Dell latitude E64xx series laptops, i5-i7 processors, 4gb ram.  I have tried this on full clean installs of Windows 7 professional as well with difference, so its not our corporate image.