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    why the change in sizing options for Camera Raw 8.7?


      I'm not wild about the recent changes in Camera Raw 8.7 beta sizing options.  I'm curious as to why the change, or if there are other options coming. 

      Or maybe there's an option, that I haven't found, to include previous sizing options as in CS5, for example, where one could pick from a brief menu of size options, as well as enter a specific size, as in the 8.7 version.  Am I missing something?  I'm using DNG files converted from Nikon D7000 NEFs, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, Bridge/Photoshop/CS6.



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          Richard Southworth Level 3

          That change has been in place quite a while, and you can search for several discussions, pro and con.


          The sizing options are now part of the workflow options, accessible thru the link at the bottom of the ACR window.


          Richard Southworth

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            dencon Level 1

            Perhaps I didn't explain myself clearly enough.

            That the change has been in place a while isn't my issue, nor does it address the question of "why".  Also, I had searched for this in "discussions", and again since your quick reply (thank you!), and found no mention of what I'm asking....yet.

            I'm aware that sizing options are part of the workflow options, and that they're located at the bottom of the ACR window.  I've been using them for a few years.  What I'm referring to is the change in options to, what I call having the option to select the native size, as well as three smaller sizes or three up-res sizes. 


            Now, under "image resizing" I only see "default", which I presume to be the native size, resolution, and the option to  check the box to "resize to fit",  in which case I have to pick a number (pixels, inches, cm).  It would be nice to have both options, or at least an option to create & save my own custom sizes.

            Getting back to my inquiry, since this is a "beta" version, are there plans to add some options like this?  Or is what I have described something I need to adjust to....or fix?  Since reinstallation of all software (after reinstalling Windows 7 Professional), I've noticed other curious changes, such as in Lightroom, but that's for another forum discussion.

            Thanks again for the quick reply,