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    Animated tab box - playReverse when click elsewhere?

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      I've got a bit of a tricky one I'm hoping someone could help me with!


      I've designed what is basically a tabbed info window in Edge Animate to add to a website deigned in Muse.  There are 5 animated headings and when each one is clicked, the relevant info is revealed below it...


      So, I've got so far:

      MouseEnter:      sym.getSymbol("Heading1").play('Over');

      MouseLeave:     sym.getSymbol("Heading1").playReverse();

      Click:                 sym.getSymbol("Heading1").play('Click');



      And what I'd like to add is - when Heading2 (or Heading3 /4 /5) is clicked, Heading1 then playReverse to resume the initial state and the animation of Heading2 follows...


      I've already tried a  sym.getSymbol("Heading1").playReverse();  But I need it to look at which symbol is currently activated and only play that one in advance.


      I hope that makes sense!


      Me second problem is once the heading is clicked, I'd like it to stay that way until another heading it clicked.  At the moment the MouseEnter and MouseLeave actions still work if you roll over the heading.


      I'm a newbie so please keep it as simple as you can!   And any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Here's my project if it helps to see:  http://we.tl/GXk9jqCupP


      Thanks :-)