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    InDesign CS6 hourglass after each cursor movement


      InDesign CS6, I am getting the hourglass for about 2 seconds after I do anything with the cursor. For example move a text box, Hourglass. Make a change to text, unclick and the hourglass is there for about 2 secs. place an image, hourglass. The hourglass flashes and jitters during that time. Even using keyboard shortcuts,m ex Ctrl Z, I get the hourglass.

      This is seriously slowing me down while I wait for the hourglass to finish until i can move on.

      This is only happening with InDesign.

      I have deleted preferences. Rebooted computer, deleted preferences again and still occurring.

      I am using CS6 on Windows 7. I typically have AI and PS open at the same time.

      I appreciate any advice.