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    TOC link to Object?

    pdkingdesign Level 1

      Hi All, I'm having a terrible time trying to figure out how to link my TOC to an object style in an InDesign CC book. My Chapter headings are a fancy font that I have applied an Object style for export to epub. I have my TOC style in the source chapter with the "make text anchor in source paragraph" selected. When I export it to epub, the actual TOC file in the book shows active link, but it doesn't work. The chapter titles show a blue : by the heading, but I keep getting the error message that there are no text anchors.


      Does somebody have a solution for this? If  I make the Chapter heading a paragraph style it works, but not with the fancy font.


      Thanks for any and all Help...



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          AnshulJain19 Adobe Employee

          Hello Pam,

          I could not understand your workflow, have you created a TOC style inside InDesign. In TOC style dialog only paragraph styles are listed for creating TOC. How are you making TOC with object styles.

          What you may have to do is assign a paragraph style to your text and then create a TOC with that paragraph style selected for creating TOC links and then when exporting to epub, select multilevel toc and your required toc style in export dialog.