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    Movie Scale Problem

    bcounts Level 1
      I am using a code that will center my "mainsite" movie clip and keep it centered even on resize. However becuase it centers it when the browser window is scaled smaller than the MovieClip / SWF (800x650) it continues to center the clip and cuts off the top/bottom and left/right and does not enable the scroll bars in the browser.

      I need a code that will stop the movie at 0,0 (top, left corner) and enable the browser scroll bars accordingly to view the rest of the site that was clip on the other three sides.

      I only need this to happen on browser resize and when it goes smaller than my swf/movie clip (800px by 650px)!

      Good Example of this would be MTV.com scale the browser window and watch how the MovieClip stops at 0,0 (top,left)!

      Here is my centering code in case anyone needs it to tac more code onto or for more information. Thanks in advance!

      var stageL:Object = new Object();
      stageL.onResize = function() {
      sW = Stage.width;
      sH = Stage.height;
      mainsite._x = (sW - mainsite._width) / 2;
      mainsite._y = (sH - mainsite._height) / 2;
      xmin = mainsite._x-mainsite._width/2;
      ymin = mainsite._y-mainsite._height/2;