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    ExportPDF generates garbled text in the form of symbols



      I am using windows 8, desktop version of Adobe Reader XI and have purchased ExportPDF.

      I have tried to convert a number of PDFs (not originally created by me) to word documents.

      The images always convert, but the text ends mostly comes out as symbols, for example:




      When I have tried to export from PDF online, same problem.

      I have tried to turn off OCR, same problem.

      Oddly, this is not a problem with a minority of the PDFs that I have tried - some convert properly.


      Please help. I don't understand why this is such a big problem. I would imagine that even the most basic OCR program would be able to recognize the text in the original PDFs and create a reasonable word document output. (In fact, I just tried a free online OCR program and it converted the text without a problem).