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    Use CS6 (activated with serial number) on one computer and CC (activated by CC app) on another?

    Erik Juhl Level 1

      CC authentication is playing havoc with me.


      I have a valid full install disc with serial number for CS6 Master Collection. I recently also began a subscription to CC.


      I want to use CC per its terms of use on my main machine (a Mac running Win in parallels) which, I believe, will count as both installations of my CC license. I also have a second PC where I'd like to use my perfectly valid serial number to install and run CS6.


      When I log in to the second (CS6) machine, I'm not allowed to run my CS6 programs because I am seen as a CC subscriber. There's no opportunity to enter a serial number: The machine, which has run CS6 for years, refuses to let me keep using them. For example I start Acrobat. I am alerted that my trial has 00 days left. I am asked to sign in and enter a serial number. I sign in, but before I can enter the serial number I am told "welcome, carry on" and the authroization window goes away. And it immediatly REAPPEARS with the same message about my trial having 00 days left.


      I have had a great deal of angst related to Adobe's broken activation process and my opinion of them as a company has suffered dramatically.


      Wondering if I need to make a separate Adobe ID for the CS6 installation. Will Adobe let me enter that serial number via a new Adobe ID or will it object on the grounds that the serial number is associated with my main Adobe ID?