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    LR Update

    Bach 59 Level 1

      Anyone have the ear in Adobe?  I would really like to use my D750 at the next event but ACR is NOT LR when it comes to workflow.  So does anyone have any info on the next camera support update?  By the way I did try the "customer unsupport chat" where I was clear that I didn't want to use ACR. I was informed that if I update ACR I could use LR!!   I do hope adobe checks these interactions as it sure makes them look stupid.  And yes I could go the DNG route but I then lose the nikon looks presets. See below:



      Michael Steinbach: How long until the Nikon D750 is supported in LR? Is there a Beta I can use? ACR is just too slow for my my workflow.  i

      Akash Sharma: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Akash Sharma: We appreciate your patience and regret the inconvenience due to high wait time.

      Michael Steinbach: Well.... How long until the Nikon D750 is supported in LR? Is there a Beta I can use? ACR is just too slow for my my workflow.

      Akash Sharma: Please Let me check

      Akash Sharma: Please update to latest Camera raw 8.7

      Akash Sharma: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/cameraraw8-7-cc/

      Michael Steinbach: Ok, I guess this is a waste of my time. Did you not read what I typed? 

      Michael Steinbach: I do hope Adobe monitors these interactions.

      Akash Sharma: Let me check

      Michael Steinbach: ...............

      Akash Sharma: If you want to use Lightroom with D750.You need to update to ACR 8.7.Ther is no Beta version available

      Michael Steinbach: I do believe you need to be re-trained. ACR is for Photoshop, not Lightroom. And the poor adobe customer support continues.

      Akash Sharma: You can use DNG converter as well

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe rarely, if ever, announces dates for upcoming support for new cameras or new lenses.  So, in answer to your question: there is no public info on the Lightroom update. You are obviously aware of the 8.7 ACR Release Candidate and do not want to use DNG Converter 8.7 RC so I won't recommend that.  There is no "Beta" or "Release Candidate available for Lightroom.  You will need to wait for ACR/DNG 8.7 Final and by extension, Lightroom 5.7 which are normally released in conjunction with one-another.

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            Bach 59 Level 1

            Thanks, Rikk, but that is what I had assumed but I still had to ask.  Sadly the last LR update was what July?!  Being a part of CC I thought there was supposed be more rapid updates and bug fixes.  Looking at Jack Nack's blog, it hasn't been updated since February.  Nothing notable in the last LR update (advancements)... adobe customer service STILL sucks swamp water as evidenced by the chat session, sad.

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              RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

              Lightroom is still perpetually-license available - meaning it won't get as rapid an update as say, Photoshop.  Updates, new features and bug fixes are part of the Creative Cloud release mantra. New Camera/Lens support hasn't ever been part of that rapid update cycle - even on PS which is subscription only.


              That said, LR and ACR have always released new camera support about 4 times a year.  5.4 came out in April, then 5.5, then 5.6 (end of July) and now 5.7 presumably soon.  Maybe if Nikon would adopt a standard file or use a DNG which is a standard, or made advance final-verison file specifications available, this could be avoided. Till then, I say to you what I say to everyone.  When you buy the newest thing - fresh on release, you should expect this. It has been this way since the dawn of personal computing. 

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                Bach 59 Level 1

                Ah yes, the bleeding edge. Always there, the only edge I enjoy living on

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  PS used to only have updates every 1.5 years and maybe one or two bug-fix updates and then nothing except Camera Raw plug-in updates to support new cameras, while LR had updates every 3 months, to add new camera support, and fix bugs. 


                  Now with CC, PS has more updates and LR doesn't have release candidates anymore.  Perhaps it is a simple as PS-CC is paying the bills so has many more resources allocated to it, compared to LR, and probably that LR Mobile makes the release cycle more complicated.

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                    Bach 59 Level 1

                    Or maybe they're wasting the resources on things that people don't even care about, like Behance, whatever that is. As a working photographer I appreciate the production capabilities of lightroom and have no interest in using lightroom on a small device such as an iPad. I do wish they would stop wasting time on low yield advancememts and concentrate on more on multithreading and speed enhancements.  Oh I can't foget customer service!

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                      RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

                      I care about and use Behance...

                      I also use LR on the iPad...


                      It is easy to believe a feature you don't use is worthless but please realize there are others for whom it is a boon to their workflows.

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                        I'm waiting for this upgrade myself for my D750 but realized the other day that they might be waiting to add the Canon 7D2 into the mix at the same time and that one just started shipping last week. Hopefully it won't be much longer because keeping NEF and DNG for every shot I take on the 750 is getting kind of old already and taking up a lot of HD space. I'm converting to DNG right now so I can at least look at and use the shots but will kill the DNG's once the LR update is released.

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                          Bach 59 Level 1

                          You actually use LR on an iPad?  Seriously?  To what end?  How can anyone do any color accurate work on an iPad? Lack of color calibration, contrast adjustments, I just don't see it. Certainly not something I would want to admit to, how can you be taken seriously working from an iPad? 

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                            RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

                            It is a good tool with better color than the average LR user has on their desktop monitor. (Calibration with Spyder 4 bears this out)


                            As it stands, it is great for a workflow that allows me to manage shoots, tether live with Art Directors in-studio, edit out picks and rejects while getting my car fixed, basic editing, sharing with social media, building web galleries for others to view.  Android Users: Lightroom mobile | Rikk Flohr's Fleeting Glimpse Images    As the image in this article attests, color from LR Desktop, LR mobile, Web Images and Prints can be pretty darn close if you know what you are doing.  I do.


                            I have no problem being taken seriously - that is why I use my real name.


                            I also use LR on the iPhone - professionally - clients are amazed.

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                              Bach 59 Level 1

                              As you can see by the original post I don't hide my name.  I'm done here, as with so many Adobe forums, fan boys wave their flags and claim all that they are "professional" and want to prove their respective knowledge typing in the forums. Cool, enjoy your view of the world. I have real work to do.