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    InDesign unable to Place images


      I tried to submit this but it can back undeliverable. Basically, one of our iMacs, when trying to Place image, will not show files from server. All other apps work, just not ID. Running 10.9.5 with ID 8.0.2 with Mac OS Server Mavericks and WiFi using Time Capsule. All other machines are fine. Apple wiped this Mac and did a clean OS install and I installed CS6 again but the issue continues. Help

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. InDesign CS6, new document open, new picture box, Place, server files not viewable (files viewable in all other applications except InDesign. (Server connection WiFi using Time Capsule).

      2. Mac computer taken to Apple Store, Clean install of OS then install of CS6.

      3. Exactly the same results. 5 other Macs running same OS and software with one occasionally seeing issue.