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    A Strange CFPDF issue in CF11

    Naresh1990 Level 1

      When we trying extract the content from PDF containing images getting strange error in the CF11 for cfpdf tag. But its working fine for PDF with out images (i.e. plain PDF with only content)


      But both are working good in CF9.


      Sample Code :



           <cfpdf action = "extracttext" source = "sample.pdf" destination="sample.doc" overwrite="yes">


                    format="pdf"  srcfile="sample.doc" filename="sample1.pdf" overwrite="yes">


           <cfcatch type="any">

                  <cfoutput>Error Occured : #cfcatch#</cfoutput>




      Sample code is working fine in ColdFusion 9 for PDF containing images and with out images. But below error occurred when we try to extract the content from PDF conatining images


      Error Occured : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid bfchar pattern in ToUnicodeCmap



      Thanks a lot in adavance