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    Adobe have mucked up over Lightroom


      Hi Folks

      I have put Yosemite on a clean hardrive - I have then reloaded all but one prog from Creative Cloud (member) - Lightroom 5.

      The CCloud loader program insists I have L5 and won't allow me to load it onto the new system. L5 does still reside on my other hardrive on Mavericks system. Attempting to launch L5 from Yosemite only allows a Trial version or one with a serial number, checking on the Mavericks system only shows 12 numbers last 4 are blanked - so no joy there.

      It turns out that when booting Lightroom 5 (from Yosemite & Cloud loader) it is running from the Mavericks system as a trial version.

      Why is this program - or is it CCloud - seeing the program on another hardrive and system? The other programs haven't - loaded fine onto Yosemite - and didn't see the same pros on Mavericks hardrive!

      I have also tried removing the couple of files from the Yosemite system Library files to try and sidestep any interference, no deal - of course - because it sees the one on Mavericks.

      Only thing I have left is to remove the Mavericks hardrive and hope Creative Cloud loader is then happy to allow me to download Lightroom 5 and use it i.e.. not a trial version!!!!

      Adobe - can you please sort this out?  - Don't forget the final bit, neither system (OS X) and Creative Cloud loader prog will allow Uninstall of this program. Mad!