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    Multi 'method' form


      So, I'm using Forms Central to collect time-off requests for our office.

      The form is submitted by the employee, which contains the name of their supervisor.

      I have an auto response telling them that the form has been received and that they should be getting a response from their supervisor as to its approval.


      My question:

      is there anyway to have a second step here, for example:

      Employee A submits a request and in addition to the response being collected and alerting me, the form can be forwarded/re-directed to the supervisor so that they can then approve?

      (this data would also be collected)


      Or, at a minimum, is there a way to direct a time-off submitted form to the supervisor listed on the form in addition to it going to the co-authors?

      (we've got 5 different supervisors, each managing 5 or 6 people)

      As it stands, I could add each supervisor as a co-author so they get an alert about a submitted form, but i'd rather not have everyone receive every submission, especially if they don't apply to their group.