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    Split imported XML data into multiple text fields

    Craig Borden

      I should first describe my final project because it is very possible that I am going about this entirely wrong!


      I am trying to create an interactive PDF file which is the floor plan of our office, when you mouse over the office spaces it would popup the info for the person in that office, in fact when you click on the office space it would show additional info like computer MAC and jack numbers

      I placed the floor plan as a layer and them created a second layer with no fill/no stroke rectangles over the offices and made them buttons (office01, office02)

      I then made text fields with the info for the people, one for regular info and one for extra info (office01-data, office01-Xdata) I made these text fields buttons as well and had them "hidden until triggered"

      These info fields are all on top of one another, as in the are all the same size and in teh same location

      Then I went to the office buttons and created events "On Roll Over" "Show/Hide Buttons and Forms" and changed the visibility of the corresponding info button.


      This works like a charm!


      I hope I am clear up to this point.... my problem now is I would like to import this data both regular and extra from an excel spreadsheet or an XML file.

      That way when we get new staff or people move offices or whatever I can update the spreadsheet or XML file, rerun my InDesign file and create a new interactive PDF


      I have created the XML file




                <name>John Doe</name>





                <name>John Smith</name>






      Created a new InDesign document

      Imported the XML and placed it in a text field

      saved as a template and closed it


      Reopen and import the XML data again... and it brings it all into the text field... wonderful and useful but not what I need.


      Is it possible to import the XML data into separate test fields, or into some other separate field that I can make into a button and show/hide?


      I may end up just entering all the data directly into InDesign as I know this will work, it just does not seem like the right way to do it.


      Thanking you all in advance