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    First Topic Missing from TOC

    Fat Max

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Robohelp V7.03


      When I generate Printed Documentation to a standard Word doc. Chapter 1 and it's associated topic are missing from the TOC:


      The TOC begins with Chapter 2:


      For grins and giggles I generated the documentation with ONLY Chapter 1 selected to see what would happen; it shows up in the TOC just fine:


      In either case, the topic is published in the body of the text just as it should be.  The only issue is that Chapter 1 doesn't make it into the TOC when I generate the whole thing.


      I have no conditional Build Expressions.

      The Topic properties are set for it to be included in the TOC.

      There is only one TOC.

      Ham-handed efforts to simply add it manually to the TOC in Word failed miserably.

      Is there some sort of secret setting I am missing?  How do I get the TOC to accept Chapter 1 along with the other chapters???  I would be most grateful for any assistance.  Thanks in advance.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried clicking to the right of the TOC and selecting Update Field?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            Fat Max Level 1

            Thanks for the response, Peter.  I did indeed update the table, to no effect.


            However, I found a work-around for my issue.  In the Word 2003 document that gets produced, I am able to reconfigure the TOC to generate based on the outline rather than whatever it currently does.

            Highlight TOC >> R Click Edit Field >> Select Table of Contents Button >> Options >> Select "Outline Levels" check Box >> OK >> OK


            Select "Yes" in the message to replace the TOC, and there it is:


            I still believe there must be some arcane setting in Robohelp that will make the TOC generate properly because I have never had this issue before.