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    How to remove a camera mount object from a fixed location persistent through the entire video


      Hi there,


      by design a part of my camera mount appears at a fixed location through the entire length of my video. While the scene in the background is usually rotating from left to right or right to left the camera mount is always at the same location of the visual field. How can I remove it using Adobe After Effects CC (2014)? I have seen others doing that but the process appears to be very labour intensive. See for instance:

      Watermark Removal - YouTube

      After Effects Tutorial - Object Removal - YouTube

      Is there a built-in feature in After Effects, which can allow for a single-click removal after say the shape of the camera mount is outlined in a given frame? Can the "void" generated after the removal be automatically filled in with the background image?


      I have searched the FAQ but could not find an answer, so I please point me to the right location if this question has been already asked and answered.


      Thank you!