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    InDesign Cs5 displayed with wrong resolution (doesn't work in 1920x1080)


      Hello everybody


      I've encountered a resolution issue concerning Indesign CS5 (and Illustrator CS5). The problem only concerns my brandnew laptop running under Windows 8.1 (Screen Resolution 1920x1080). On my other, older PC (with the same native screen resolution), but running under Windows 7, the problem doesn't exist.


      The problem consists in the fact, that Indesign CS5, even though everything else is displayed in 1920x1080 is displayed in some lower resolution, making a good workflow impossible, *** the texts I write are not very readable if I want the whole page displayed (and it's ugly). In other Adobe CS5 Apps, like Photoshop CS5, this problem does not occur. It doesn't also occur in the trial version of Indesign CC, but I cannot afford paying over 30€ per month just to be able to work with an acceptable work resolution. (That should really be included in the price I paid for CS5.)


      To see what I mean, here are the links to 2 screenshots taken of those 2 Apps, with exactly the same screen settings:

      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4786930/Indesign%20CS5%20Screenshot%20Windows%208-1.jp g

      https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4786930/Photoshop%20CS5%20Screenshot%20Windows%208-1.j pg


      Is there any workaround known for this problem? It is driving me crazy


      Best regards,