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    Cinema 4D Lite


      I have tried four times to get assistance from a member of the Product Experts Team to get CInema 4D Lite — which is now bundled with my After Effects CC 2014 — to launch. I am now in a on-hold pattern for 47-60 minutes from phone support. Has anyone else had problems launching and using CInema 4D Lite with After Effects? It's on my computer with the appropriate plugins - just cannot get it to launch.

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          Ravenshoe Level 1

          Thanks everyone for your replies. I did wind up on phone support, and the problem was resolved. While it is true that C4D Lite can only be launched from AE (something I wasn't aware of, silly me), my problem was resolved when tech support dove into my system and changed the permissions in my Library/Adobe folders.

          Really excited that it's working now!