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    Builing ColumnChart with HTTPService

      Newbie. Can't find good code example. Would like to build a ColumnChart with data returned from an HTTPService request. The HTTPService request is bringing in an XML file. Here's the XML data:

      <rec-item projectId="11111" projectNumber="12111" arGt30="0" bucket="181-270" oldestAr="5200" />
      <rec-item projectId="22222" projectNumber="13111" arGt30="26000" bucket="> 270" oldestAr="17000" />
      <rec-item projectId="33333" projectNumber="14111" arGt30="15000" bucket="None" oldestAr="7000" />
      <rec-item projectId="44444" projectNumber="15111" arGt30="7000" bucket="91-180" oldestAr="5200" />
      <rec-item projectId="55555" projectNumber="16111" arGt30="9200" bucket="Current" oldestAr="11000" />
      <rec-item projectId="66666" projectNumber="17111" arGt30="32000" bucket="31-60" oldestAr="12500" />