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    Dragging textInput from library breaks movie

      This movie will dynamically create a button in an accordian using as from the adobe livedocs-


      but it won't create a TextInput even when introduced to the library.
      it's actually breaking the accordian as soon as the textinput is dragged to the stage and deleted.

      Has anyone had this happen? I had to create the according this way in order to get it to function well at all!

      //Create the accordian Instance

      var section1 = accordianInstance.createChild(mx.core.View, "section1", {label:
      "Step 1: Background Selection"});
      var section2 = accordianInstance.createChild(mx.core.View, "section2", {label:
      "Step 2: Card Text"});

      //Create the accordian children
      var input1 = section1.createChild(mx.controls.TextInput, "input1");
      var button1 = section1.createChild(mx.controls.Button, "button1");

      input1.text = "Text Input";
      button1.label = "Button";
      button1.move(0, input1.height + 10);

      var input2 = section2.createChild(mx.controls.TextInput, "input2");
      var button2 = section2.createChild(mx.controls.Button, "button2");

      input2.text = "Text Input";
      button2.label = "Button";
      button2.move(0, input2.height + 10);