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    After being on a phone call for over 2 hours and not receiving the answer to my question, which is "Will I experience an disruption of service to Business Catalyst Websites if I change accounts to another country?

    Halycon Design Level 1

      Be warned if you are considering using Business Catalyst to host your sites! Adobe help cannot even call the Business Catalyst Team to get an answer...they do not have a phone number!

      Nor do they have a phone number that you can contact the team on!

      You are required to use an online chat system.

      This is ridiculous, especially considering the question is a simple one.

      Note that this would not be an issue if there was portability with regards to accounts.

      I am appalled and deeply disappointed!

      Can someone please give me a straight answer?

      Will I experience a disruption of service to my web sites hosted with Adobe Business Catalyst if I close (read forced to close) my Creative Cloud account in Australia and reopen it in Singapore?