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    Accept Shadows only and 3D with 2D BG transparency bugs?

    jcrowell1 Level 1

      Hello all,

      I believe I've found some bugs.


      Layers: a square (shape layer), and a color solid.

      (BUG 1) When I click the 3D switch on the square, my 2D background disappears.  Transparency grid shows through. 

      I then add a light, and make my background 3D.  It shows up again.

      I set the light and the shape layer to cast shadows.

      I push it back in z-space, and the shadow appears.

      (BUG 2) I go to material options and switch on "accept shadows only," and my 3D layer, which was red, turns white.  The transparency grid does NOT show.  Even when I change "accept lights" to off--I changed the color and intensity of the light, and that indeed doesn't affect the BG layer.  The layer turns red again, and the shadows show up when I go back to "accept shadows: on."


      Can anyone replicate this?  Am I missing something?  I've had inconsistent results, but it appears that shadows only simply doesn't work to create transparency at this point.


      Bugs occur with both 3D renders, and fast previews off (or on).  I'm on the newest CC 2014.