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    Logic rules help...

    Chiro Ben

      I have just become a paid member, but the logic rules don't seem to be particularly powerful...How do I make another field only appear once 3 other fields have data chosen or typed in? I want quite a number of options to appear only if data is filled in (not necessarily only one particular choice, but any choice)

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          jjohnsonace Level 1

          Hi Chiro,

          From what I can see, you can accomplish your goal, but...you are correct, those rules are not especially powerful...they are merely convenient.

          skiplogicscreen.pngYou can have more than one condition. (fairly obvious).

          I do not see a way to evaluate for "any choice", but perhaps you could establish a default value in the 3 other fields and then your 3 conditions could be if Field-A (Field-B, Field-C) does not equal the default.

          In other words, once the htree fields no longer equal the starting defaults, you assume that something has been chosen and you show the fourth field.

          (Sorry if you know all this already. Sounds like you do. Maybe you were just hoping for something better from FormsCentral.)

          FormsCentral also does not do math at all...which is basically a crazy limitation. I have made lots of forms in my life and they ALL needed some type of calculation.

          So the fact that you cannot do more sophisticated scripting for Show/Hide logic is sadly not surprising.