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    Can't Copy/Paste in Photoshop CC




      I am using Photshop CC for a few days now, but i can't copy, or cut something in photshop, and then paste it anywhere else.


      I can copy something from other programs like illustrator or word, and then paste it in photoshop, but cant copy or cut anything in photoshop.


      It's not a problem with my shortcuts, keys, keyboard or something like that, cause i can't even copy/cut from de toolbar...


      Help.. Please?

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          tzuio oiuzt

          The same problem here, Patrick.

          I cannot paste a text from external source into photoshop cc (mac user).

          This problem is since a few days, I never got this problem before, really frustrating!

          Hope someone can help us to solve this trouble.

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            Copy and paste issues here too - started with trying to copy and paste between two photoshop files.  If I copy and paste from one file into another file, the pasted object turns transparent. If it manages to paste as opaque, then when I scale the pasted object it becomes transparent. The files don't have any masks and the pasted objects are at 100% opacity. Keep trying to figure out if I accidentally activated a keyboard shortcut for an effect, so far, no luck.