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    Mix 60i(29.97)avchd footage into Dslr 23.976 timeline

    film man 24 Level 1

      I'm using CS6. My project presets are for a DSLR at 23.976 (canon t3i). I also have a canon hf-M41. It does NOT record at 24p native, rather it records at 60i and then is transformed to 29.97 to supposedly look like 24p. Everything is exported as 29.97 from the M41 regardless of the in camera settings. When I put the M41 footage into my timeline it runs like it is in slow motion (even upon rendering). My question is how do I keep my project settings at 23.976 DSLR (because I have 2 t3i's for my main cameras) and make my M-41 footage run smoothly and be able to combine the two? From my own testing it looks like the best match upon bringing it into the DSLR timeline is setting the M41 to record at the  29.97 in camera. (probably because Premiere already naturally sees it as 29.97). I have been playing with the Adobe Media Encoder but my results have produced the same results as when I change the footage within Premiere. I am totallyM new at this and have probably opened up the Media Encoder only 4 times!(completely lost) I'm lost trying to figure out how to mix these two formats in Premiere. The T3i footage is .MOV and the M41 is .MTS (avchd). Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I want to be able to use all three cameras for mulitcam editing but as I have told you they run "funky" together haha Thanks a lot!!- Mark