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    Custom shapes and paths.

    Joe_Caldwell Level 1

      Hi, everyone.


      I am working on a project and trying the shape and path tools for the first time. There are somethings I still don't understand about the way they work.


      I need to use the pen tool to trace some outlines that I would like to save custom shapes to use later as templates. I know that shapes are vector based and can be scaled, but how to I keep individual components independent so that they can also be scaled independently ? In other words, let's imagine that I have a shape made of three circles side-by-side. When I place this shape on an image I would like to scale all three circles as one single image. However, I would also like to be able to select each circle individually to scale it individually and independent of the other two. How can this be done ?


      Can I create paths and save them in the same manner I can save shapes ? In case this is not possible, once a shape is saved as a custom shape and I place it on an image, can this shape be converted back to the path that created it ?


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Using shapes, each circle would be on its own layer, this allows you to edit each one by itself. You can then select all the involved layers then with the direct or group selection tool, you can select any of the objects or all the objects. When all the objects are selected you should get a bounding box that surround all the objects.