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    Animation (Fly-In) Menu to trigger Visibility of Sub-Menu




      I am trying to create content menu which is triggered by self roll over state.  The content menu flies in from the left on self roll over and will fly out again on reverse roll over.   The content menu has 5 buttons, the first 4 buttons take you to a defined bookmarked destination.

      All this I have managed to do.

      For the 5th and last button, I wanted to either click or roll-over it to trigger a sub-menu to appear or fly in.  I am having problems with this because if I set the last button to click and show visibility of the sub-menu, then I cannot get it to hide again after the content menu flies out on reverse roll over.

      If I set the last button to roll-over to trigger a sub-menu then when I roll-off the last button the sub-menu disappears as well.


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.