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    Why can't I get ADE to authorize?


      Update: as of 7:41AM PST the adobe authorization server(s) for ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) suddenly started working again. No reason, it just came back to life. Now, a scant 10 minutes earlier it was as silent and unresponsive as a dead possum, but that's what I've come to expect from the clay-footed behemoth that Adobe has become.


      Of note, Adobe puts the blame on you the user for 'not being connected to the internet' (silly users). Naturally the problem can;t possibly exist on the Adobe side, no, no. (gasp).


      So, for now ADE is working again, at least for a while. That is until the next time I try to add another borrowed ebook from my library at the university. Wait and see. Wait and see.


      End Transmission.




      Tell me oh masters of the DRM... oh great wizards of the digital


      Why are the ADE authorization servers offline? (because it's not me.) ADE worked, but would not load in a 'book' I borrowed from my university library. The solution suggested de-authorizing ADE then re-authorizing it and now it can't be authorized at all. My adobe ID works (I've tested it and yes, it logs me into the adobe site). I am online and connected to the "internet" (which the error message suggests quite speciously that I am not and I should check that I am...


      The question is, why do adobe's auth. servers go offline / become inaccessible? I really wouldn't care but for the observation that my course work depends on me reading the material which is only accessible now via ADE...