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    CS6 file to CC

    caststupider Level 1



      I have created a template for my friend but he can't edit it.


      I send him my after effects CS6 Project file but it does not work on after effects CC


      her is the error:

      11 property links have been disabled:

      1)'Color' (line 1) of layer 15 ('Floating_square_top') in comp 'anderes intro'

      2)'Color' (line 1) of layer 14 ('Floating_square_bottom') in comp 'anderes intro'

      3)'Color' (line 1) of layer 12 ('BC') in comp 'anderes intro'

      4)'Color' (line 1) of layer 11 ('Ground_1color2') in comp 'anderes intro'

      5)'Color' (line 1) of layer 10 ('Ground_1color') in comp 'anderes intro'

      6)'Color' (line 1) of layer 7 ('Formebene 1') in comp 'stroke'

      7)'Color' (line 1) of layer 6 ('Formebene 2') in comp 'stroke'

      8)'Color' (line 1) of layer 5 ('Formebene 3') in comp 'stroke'

      9)'Color' (line 1) of layer 9 ('Formebene 4') in comp 'stroke'

      10) 'Color' (line 1) of layer 3 ('Formebene 5') in comp 'stroke'

      11)'Fill Color'(line 1) of layer 2 ('Changename') in comp 'anderes intro'


      Btw my program is in German and his in English